A guide to Air-Filtering Houseplants

Have you ever wondered how clean the air inside your home is? Or maybe, at your workplace? Have you wondered what is in the air we breathe and to what extent, it affects our health? Take a moment and think about it! You might be surprised, but experts stated that the air inside your home and office is way more polluted than the air outside, even at the busy city centres. Want to know something that is even more surprising? Indoor plants have the ability to mitigate higher levels of airborne contaminants. According to a research conducted by NASA in the 80s, plants help in improving the air quality of a room.

All of us are aware of the fact that plants release more oxygen into the air and absorbs carbon dioxide, while we, human beings do the opposite. Inside our offices and homes, we have improved devices to save energy, air conditioning and insulation, which reduces the air exchange within the buildings. However, this forces us to inhale the same stale air all the time. Additionally, modern furnishings, construction materials, synthetic building materials, household products, electrical equipment, computers and even your own carpet can produce harmful substances, which get trapped and make up to ninety percent of indoor air pollution.

Not only indoor plants help boost your mood and health, but also there are several other beneficial aspects. It helps in lowering stress level and blood pressure as well. Now, in modern days, not everyone has the time, dedication and space to keep the greeneries alive in their homes. Moreover, it is a major issue for the office goers. However, just because they do not really have the green thumbs, does not mean bringing nature home is impossible. Bringing the green plants inside your house can be a wonderful gift for all your favourite green species and also, to yourself.

You don’t need a huge terrace or balcony. All you need is a little space, time and dedication for your beautiful green friends. We suggest you few plant names, which you can grow indoors without any hesitation.

Aloe Vera

This very useful plant has so much to offer! Not only you will get flawless skin by using it, but also this plant has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This plant is packed with enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and are most likely to be dry and warm. Here, comes the best part! You have to water the plant only when the soil inside the pot is a bit dry. Quite easy, right? Well, it is! Try this out and you won’t regret. The best spot to keep your useful plant is a bright and sunny window as it will not thrive in full shade. However, if you repot your Aloe Vera plant, refrain from watering it for around two to three days. Give the plant some time to let the roots settle. Trust us, your potted Aloe Vera plant will do wonders!

Garden Mum

The air-purifying champion! Garden Mum is easily available at any local garden stores and yes, it is inexpensive. Mums love light and lots and lots of water. Simple to propagate and grow, these plants bloom all through the months, when other plants are completely worn out. So, why not take some advantage of this unique potted plant? A pot will add a pop of colour and freshen your place. Spruce up your office or home with an array of colourful Garden Mums!

Peace Lily

One might think that a Peace Lily has a very little role in air-purification, but it has powerful air-cleaning abilities. Not only this, but also this pretty plant add a brilliant shade to your interior décor. Your only contribution? Just make sure that the soil is moist and your potted plant is placed at a shady area. One more thing! Just be mindful that these plants bloom throughout the summer that contributes some floral and pollen scents.

Snake Plant/ Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Hardest one to kill, Snake Plant requires minimal maintenance. Just water it occasionally, allow the soil to dry in between watering and let this beautiful plant do wonders! This succulent is incredibly tough and can survive under any environment. It prefers drier conditions and some bright sun rays. However, the tough leaves of the plant can tolerate low light as well. And you know what the best part of this useful plant is? It is best suited for your bathrooms as it filters out formaldehyde that is generally found in personal-care products. As per NASA, it is one of the top plants that help in purifying indoor air. You can neglect your green, leafy succulent for weeks and still, it will give you long, fresh leaves.

Spider Plant

Easiest ones to take care of, Spider Plants are non-toxic to children and pets. Even if you forget watering you Spider Plant for days, it is okay! You can hang them in your bathroom, while you are in the shower. The plant is particularly dry and can grow in any soil. One thing you should keep under consideration, it loves bright and indirect sunlight. The plant has an irresistibly unique aesthetic, which blends with a range of apartment styles, from traditional to modern.

So, which plant will you choose to enhance the beauty of your home or office? If you cannot make up your mind, Gardeza experts are always there for you. We will help you reconnect with the wilder outdoors. Let these green friends bring peace and joy to your space!