Bio-innovative solutions for solving water crisis sustainably

Biopond – The Biological Water Solutions for Ponds, Lakes and Wastewater Treatment

A healthier world begins with clean water. And, for healthier, clean and naturally safe water, biopond is your only solution. The solution that treats your waterways and wastewater. Biopond cleans water naturally by removing excess nutrients. Natural, safe and amazing! It’s beyond miraculous! The bio-solution that helps you maintain and clean your lakes, ponds, canals or reservoirs, naturally. Its superlative and unique beneficial microbes break the excess nutrients, pull them away from the water body and re-state the water into its naturally healthy and beautiful condition. One more thing, it has no undesirable side-effects of the chemicals used.

You can use the solution in general ponds or lakes, agricultural reservoirs, waterways, industrial wastewater plants, water treatment plants and more. All natural, sustainable, economical and scalable! The environmentally friendly biological treatment has so much to offer you. Not only it helps in improving the quality of your water body, but also it makes your pond look naturally beautiful and healthy, as well. The solution is a complex blend of naturally occurring bacteria, which helps in eradicating green water, blanket weed and breaks down organic waste matter, rapidly.

How many times have you heard people saying, “If we could keep our pond clear, we could have seen the general pond life along with some healthy fishes playing”? Quite a few times! All through the summer months, the pond starts developing the typical green color, which is mainly caused by algae and blanket weed. Well, not to worry! Biopond to the rescue. Apply the solution and just relax. Let it do wonders to your pond! It will break down the organic waste matter and reduce sludge build-up in the water bodies.

Well, now that you have understood how biopond solution actually works, you must be eager to know what exactly the beneficial aspects of this product are. The stable blend of safe Bacillus spores and production of extra-cellular enzymes, provides with a wide range of degradation capabilities, including lipids, protein, starch and cellulose. The solution has the abilities of working under aerobic as well as anaerobic conditions, eliminating bad odours from the water bodies. Worried about its safety? Well, you don’t have to! Biopond solutions are completely safe for your pond’s life, along with aquatic fish and life.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your own biopond solution and let it clear your water body naturally by removing excess nutrients. The highly effective naturally occurring concentrated beneficial microbes will improve the quality of water by digesting solids and organic wastes. Not only it controls the toxic blue-green algae, but also it reduces phosphorous, BOD and COD from ponds. Can be applied very easily, it is non-toxic and highly effective process of nitrification, de-nitrification and mineralization.

Apply it anytime, but for optimum results, always try to apply before the blanket weed begins to grow. Make some calculations, estimate the pond’s volume in litres and let your biopond do wonders. However, before getting started, go through these health and safety measures for getting desired results;

  • Always handle the ‘Combination Pond Treatment’ or Biopond with care. Good housekeeping practices will do.
  • The product contains naturally occurring bacteria, so kindly, wash your hands with soap and water, after use.
  • Biopond is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable and thus, completely safe.
  • For getting best results, store the product in a cool and dry place.

In modern days, the mis-management of water can affect the agricultural practices and society as a whole. Using sustainable practices of agriculture is highly necessary to produce high quality and safe products, which should also have a less impact on the land. At Gardeza Gardening, our goal is to manage the environmental resources in a responsible manner, so as to ensure its availability for the future generations. It is immensely important to keep the underground water sources clean and free from harmful, toxic chemicals. Thus, we suggest using biopond solution for a healthy and naturally beautiful water body.

It is high time to clean up the earth by utilizing such products, which benefits the environment and also cleans up what years of wastes has done to the water bodies. Still not sure about it? Well then, to find out how this can benefit your ponds, get in touch with us! We strive for excellence in providing support for a healthier world with clean water.