About Gardeza

Gardeza Gardening Formally branched out of Green Mall  as the Landscape Division to cater  to their clients  with much of focus and dedication to providing complete landscaping solutions.

Driven by Chandni Rawat the company boasts of various projects done for major companies all around the country. Starting with landscaping as its core the company has now diversified into other areas of Softscape and Hardscape .

The company is geared to be a major player in the field of Landscaping and with the backing of its parent company Green Mall, it is sure to leave an ever lasting impression.

Why Choose Gardeza Gardening?

There are many landscaping companies in India. But for the best services you need to choose one that incorporates both scientific know-how and artistic skill in its services. Let us find out why Gardeza Gardening is the landscaping company you can trust –

  • Gardeza Gardening has been operating as a top landscaping company in India for over a decade
  • We boast a remarkable clientele with names like Emami, Ambuja, Bengal Srishti, ITC etc
  • Gardeza Gardening is such a landscaping company in India which presents its clients with 2D and 3D images of its proposed plan even before implementation
  • We provide world-class hardscape services like gazebos, trellis, fountains, pathways etc and softscape services like vertical gardens, moss walls, bio-ponds etc
  • We have a specialized an in-house team of designers, who brainstorm on the latest designs, gardening techniques and technologies

Gardeza Gardening is the best landscaping company in East India. In spite of being a completely commercial enterprise, we have actively participated in projects to beautify the environment around us. We have successfully renovated the legendary ‘’panchawati’’ garden at Dakshineswar Temple; we have helped AJCB Indian Botanical Garden to pollinate a rare palm; we have created a mature palm garden in the Kolkata Maidan on 5000 square metres. In short, we are such a landscaping company in India which you can trust with your eyes closed.

Purpose of Our Existence

Right from Planning and Designing your Dream Garden we Do it all.

Creating 2D and 3D views of your Dream Garden even before you can implement it to ensure that you know exactly how your Garden would Look Like. We have a Specialized in-house Team of Designers.

Designing Concepts

Our team is dedicated in giving the best in the form of designs by understanding the clients mind, taking into consideration all the materials, technology and sustainability.

We try to bring in the soul to any landscape.

we believe in innovation and creativity that leads us to inspire and do the best with every design.

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Are you planning to make your outdoor space more visually appealing? Well then, look no further than a custom paver walkway! Pathways can turn your outdoor space into a luxurious design element.



A Gazebo is nothing but a pavilion structure, sometimes turret-shaped or octagonal that provide ornamental features in any landscape. Homeowners who want to add a little accent to their beautiful and stunning gardens should consider building a gazebo.



An outdoor garden feature forming a shaded walkway, sitting area or passageway.



A Trellis is an architectural structure usually made to display and support climbing plants and shrubs.



A Fountain is a piece of architecture that pours water into a basin for a dramatic or decorative effect.

Irrigation System


A beautiful landscape doesn’t require you to be the slave of your yard. A professionally installed and maintained Irrigation System will be the envy of your neighbourhood!