Gardening Hacks that Work Like Genius

Forget composting

If the thought of composting makes you feel lazy, this trick will surely lift up your spirits. Certain things like ground coffee, broken eggshells, and chopped banana peels can be put directly to the soil, preferably a few centimeters below. They will decompose in the soil and provide a lot of nutrients to your plants.

Gardening-tips for your garden

Sweeter tomatoes anyone?

We all know that things from the kitchen go a long way in maintaining your kitchen garden. If you grow tomatoes at home, try sprinkling some baking soda into the soil of the tomato plant! Over time, this will reduce the acidity and yield sweeter tomatoes.

hoe to make sweet tomato

Plant-care even when you are away!

Planning a vacation? Who would water your plants? Don’t worry! You will need a tightly rolled paper towel and a glass of water. Put one end of the paper towel inside the glass of water, as deep as possible, and place the rest of it on the soil. This will keep the soil substantially moist while you are away.

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Use Vodka to keep your flowers fresh

Experts believe that adding diluted Vodka to the water in which your bouquet of flowers has been placed may preserve them for longer by preventing the formation of ethylene. Ethylene is a gas produced by the flowers that help them mature faster.

how make flower fresh

DIY vertical garden

Don’t throw away your old shower caddies or bathroom shelves. Get them installed outdoors and grow small plants and herbs on them that won’t outgrow the holders.