How to become a Landscape Architect in kolkata

Would you enjoy designing? Do you have excellent design and drawing skills? Have you acute observational skills eye for detail?If you have answered yes to these questions then the occupation of Landscape Architect might be for you. Landscape architect in Kolkata design the construction of public urban, residential and rural landscapes.


Best Landscape Designer in Kolkata also assists in the management and conservation of natural or heritage landscapes and public open spaces. When Landscape architect in Kolkata plan and design outside areas for parks, recreational areas, private homes, and business parks, they ensure that these areas are not only functional but beautiful and harmonious. They ensure that the design provides an environment for all benefits.

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Landscape architect in Kolkata is often part of the architectural team that plans the locations of buildings, walkways, gardens and roadways within these environments. The Landscape Designer in Kolkata meets with the clients to discuss their requirements and the proposed use of the space. They survey the site & take into account aspects such as existing plant and animal life as well as natural contours depending on the area. An environmental impact assessment might be required when working on a new project. Landscape architect in Kolkata uses computer-aided design and drafting or CAD software to prepare models of their proposed work. Best Landscape Company in Kolkata

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sometimes uses geographic information systems or GIS which allows them to show data visually as maps reports and charts. They present these models as well as a projected budget to clients for feedback and approval. A contract for the work is drawn up and they procure the services of relevant contractors. The Landscape Architect in Kolkata monitors the progress of the project and ensures that the work meets the required standards. Landscape Designer in Kolkata work in close collaboration with landscape gardeners and other professionals such as architects, civil engineers, town planners and times environmental campaigners.

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Landscape architect in Kolkata does not only work on new projects but also they may look into on preserving and restoring historic landscapes. Best Landscaping Company in Kolkata may plan the restoration of areas disturbed by humans such as mined areas as well as wetlands and streams damaged by human activity. They also prepare environmental impact assessments for proposed construction areas in highly urbanized areas. Landscape architect in Kolkata design green roofs or rooftop gardens. It keeps stormwater absorb pollution and cool houses while also providing pleasant greenery. Landscape Architect in Kolkata also create plans to manage stormwater runoff to conserve water resources by avoiding polluting waterways.



These professionals are office-bound for a substantial amount of their working day. Landscape Designer in Kolkata make plans and designs, create models and cost estimates for the client. Landscape Designer in Kolkata also do research and attend meetings with clients and workers regarding projects. A landscape architect in Kolkata must, therefore, meet all the requirements for registration with skip to practice in this profession with experience. A landscape architect in Kolkata plays a very important role & could move on to a management position also.

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