10 tips for making lawn green

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10 tips for making lawn green

A lawn outside your home or within your office premises is like your personal oasis amidst a dim and grey city. A lawn not only beautifies your premises but is also a mark of class. But planning an aesthetic lawn or Making Lawn Green on your own can be a bit tricky. The lawn making process is a bit complicated as it involves numerous calculations and technical issues. Depending on a professional landscaping service or lawn making service provider is the best option. However, after the job of the professionals is over, you need to maintain your lawn on your own. We give you 10 tips which will help you in Making Lawn Green



  1. Always water your lawn in the morning to help the grass photosynthesize better.
  2. Give your lawn a long soak 2-3 times a week. This helps the grass develop a long network of roots that keep it looking fresh even in summer.
  3. Professional landscaping serviceand lawn making service providers recommend using slow-release fertilizers. This process takes 2-3 months more than fast-release fertilizers but the results are better.
  4. Mowing too close to the ground can destroy your carpet of grass as for every inch of grass there is an inch of root under the soil.
  5. Do not invest in a fertilizer-cum-weed eliminating product. It may at times end up fertilizing the weed if applied in dry conditions.
  6. Testing the PH of the soil is part of lawn making process. Use soil PH testing kits for non-professionals to check the PH from time to time.
  7. Look for ways to control weeds whenever you spot it. Spot correcting weeds is better than drenching your entire lawn with weed killer. LAWN GARDENING

















  1. Aerate your lawn every spring and autumn. You can use any simple gardening tool like the pitchfork.
  2. Whenever you see the appearance of bare spots immediately fill them up with grass seeds. Otherwise, the weeds may take over.
  3. Lawn making ideas such as a row of shrubs or a bed of flowers or some bushes go a long way in making a lawn appeal aesthetically. Plain grass can sometimes be very boring.

These lawn making ideas and tips will surely inspire you to beautify your lawn or transform an open space near your house or office into a beautiful patch of greenery. We recommend you take the help of professional landscaping service providers when you are starting off. Gardeza Gardening is a leading landscaping and lawn making service provider in India. They have an extremely creative take on the lawn making process and have numerous innovative lawn making ideas from which you can choose one.