Terrace Gardening Pro Tips


Is it true that you will change the view and feel of your patio? Look no more remote than Gardeza Gardening, having over 7 years of involvement in offering creative porch nursery plans. We are as of now situated in Kolkata and take into account every one of your prerequisites of an urban Terrace Garden. The piece of your living arrangement having no utility is the patio. With the guide of our experts, you can change over that patio of yours into a Green Paradise



As the term proposes, a Terrace or Roof Garden is just a nursery made on the porch or rooftop your structure by experts. The rooftop is adorned as a nursery not exclusively to make it outwardly engaging yet the rooftop plantings additionally help in controlling temperature, develop your own veggies, offer structural advantages, recreational exercises, hydrological benefits, living spaces for natural life, housetop cultivating, and high environmental advantages. Since a patio garden has such a great amount to offer, an ever-increasing number of individuals are eager to change their porch and rooftops into wonderful nurseries.

terrace garden ideas


  • It can be of any shape, size or structure, and can be made in a low level or multi-celebrated structure.
  • The plants offer a remedial worth that encourages one to unwind.
  • Nature-darling scanning for patio garden in Kolkata and India consistently has the alternative of being encompassed with plants.
  • Increased creation of oxygen and decrease in smaller scale climatic contamination.
  • An early morning stroll in the nursery can keep significant maladies under control.
  • A wide assortment of crisp products of the soil is constantly accessible for the occupants.


  1. Opt for profound and enormous pots rather than the plastic ones as they warmth up rapidly and don’t give able waste.
  2. Replace the typical nursery soil with a better quality preparing blend than cause your plants to become more beneficial and improve their profitability.
  3. Go for brought beds up in your patio garden as you can develop more vegetables on them rather than those holders.
  4. Craft a vegetable fix on the porch in the event that you have a huge housetop with the goal that you can develop sufficient measure of veggies superficially itself.


  1.  Getting started – Get the right space If a house is built as per the books and in the right way, anything can be grown on the terrace and it can take the weight of even bigger trees. You can also cover the entire surface with soil to make a lawn and experiment with it
  2. Get the right soil –After the heavy rains make sure you add essential nutrients back to the soil as water tends to wash them away. You can add compost every week or so to make sure the soil has enough nutrition,” Dr. Kadur says.Image result for Get the right soil"
  3. Water properly – Water the plants consistently. On the off chance that conceivable water them twice throughout the late spring. Avoid watering them in the event that it rains and even the following day, as abundance water channels supplements from the dirt.Image result for Water plant properly"
  4. Proper Lighting – Let the nursery get 4 to 5 hours of direct daylight day by day.Image result for proper sunlight"
  5. Last but not the list – Dr. Kadur advises people not to use portable water and do their own Rain Water Harvesting. “Also, prepare your own compost by using waste veggies,