The Beauty and Simplicity of Preserved Moss

There are so many creative ways to beautify your home! In modern days, the interior designing trends are becoming hugely popular. In fact, organizations and businesses are bringing in a touch of the greater outdoors into the interior spaces. One of the most unique ways of bringing natural and powerful energy to any setting is preserved moss. From shopping centres and office spaces to luxury hotels and hospitals, preserved moss walls can be regarded as a perfect touch of nature, indoors. It is very common to spell out simple messages or even some murals using preserved moss.

Did you know preserved moss walls are better than live moss walls? Yes, it is! Although, the live moss is the perfect greenery to create an interior wall, but it has got some typical drawbacks as well. Of course, the living natural moss walls are beautiful, but it attracts bugs and insects. In fact your moss friend may require some maintenance as well. This is the reason why preserved moss is the best choice for smart homeowners. Not only it gives you an aesthetic appeal and beauty of live moss, but also it requires minimal attention and time.

Preserved moss are in fact made out of real moss, which makes it special. The overall procedure starts with handpicking of natural moss, dying it out and then preserving it. The installation experts and artists apply the moss in customized designs, only after the preservation procedure is over. Once it is installed, it is totally maintenance free. The preserved moss walls, unlike traditional moss, don’t require trimming, exposure to sunlight and most importantly, watering. Isn’t it great? Well, the beauty of using preserved moss indoors, lies in its less maintenance part. But, don’t you worry! Your stunning moss will keep on adding an element of freshness, along with a green accent to your space.

Adding a little bit of green accent, along with the aroma element, is immensely important in our fast paced life. In modern days, due to the ever-increasing environmental pollution, it has become so difficult to even breathe properly. Preserved moss can help in demonstrating a commitment to a theme of organic and natural indoors. In addition to this, you don’t even have to water the display or worry about its exposure to sunlight. As mentioned earlier, preserved moss requires less to no maintenance at all. Your preserved moss wall will last long, while you just sit back, relax and enjoy!

In modern days, preserved moss walls are becoming famous. This is mainly because of the busy city life. Office goers hardly get time to take care of their green friends. Not everyone has the time, dedication and most importantly, the space to keep green plants alive in their garden. However, just because they don’t have the green thumbs, doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy a lush, green preserved moss wall in their living space. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it! Explore some great designs, do some research and add unique green accents to your space. If you are still having doubts, feel free to contact us!

At Gardeza Gardening, we pride ourselves in providing our valuable clients with the best preserved moss. With a plethora of unbeatable benefits, our top-quality preserved moss is insect proof, requires less maintenance, never decomposes and never gives off foul odour. Not only this, but also it adds visual appeal to your property. Just tell us what you want, a preserved moss ‘LOVE’ or a ‘heart shaped’ preserved moss or some unique design pieces, we will provide you with all. To explore more design options, don’t hesitate to call us! Always keep one thing in mind, preserved moss adds color to your life. Keep loving it, it will love you back!