Tips for homeowners to prevent mosquitoes

Summer is here and you can feel it in the balmy air! There are so many things we love about summer and mosquitoes are definitely not one of them. Yes, we all agree upon the fact that nothing can ruin our perfect day like the bite or whine from a mosquito. Adding up to these annoying qualities, there are dozens or even hundreds of them transmitting diseases that include, yellow fever, dengue, malaria and more. It is true we cannot get rid of them once they start taking over our backyard, as they have the power of multiplying quickly. However, the thing which you can do is significantly reducing their numbers or eliminating them by following these easy and cool hacks;

Clear Gutters

First things first! Dirty gutters can attract mosquitoes. It might surprise you, having dirty gutters full of leaves, residual water and debris does more harm than simply making your lawn look unattractive. When you have a dirty gutter, you are opening yourself up to the mosquitoes. Moreover, the leaves and debris can accumulate and prevent the drainage system of your lawn. Ensure your yard is properly maintained and the downpipes are strategically located for proper water flow. Also, you can hire our professionals for proper maintenance of your lawn!

Maintain your Landscape

Cool, long grass and overgrown vegetation are the ideal places, where mosquitoes hide, especially during the summer days. Contact us, keep up with the weekly lawn maintenance services to maintain a healthy and neat backyard! Also, you can take care on your own by trimming the shrubs and bushes.

Clean the Pool

If you have an in-ground or above ground swimming pool, it is immensely important to keep it chlorinated and well maintained. This will help repel the mosquitoes and also prevent them from laying eggs. Not only this, you should also maintain your Blue Pool by filtrating and circulating the water. Always remember, a clean, moving and covered pool can prevent the chemicals from evaporating; hence, keeping the insects out. Shallow or artificial pools for children or pets must be emptied on a daily basis and the area surrounding it should be well-trimmed. If you face any difficulties while maintaining your pool, just give us a call! At Gardeza, we not only design stunning pools, but also we are engaged into offering high quality swimming pool maintenance services and that too, at much affordable prices.

Remove Stagnant Water

Start off by touring your property! Check if there are any sources of stagnant or standing water. Mosquitoes love standing water as it is their hot spot for breeding! You can prevent them from breeding by dumping the water from buckets, traps, garbage cans and keeping them clean.

Promoting effective Drainage

Fill in the areas with soil, where your landscape regularly accumulates water after significant watering or rainfall. Even out the place or channel the water in order to redirect for a more effective drainage system.

Change your Landscape Lighting

More and more insects, including the mosquitoes are naturally driven to the regular bulbs’ light. So, start replacing your outdoor lights with yellow Bug Lights that emit light on a different wavelength, less attractive to the insects. Moreover, a well-lit garden provides security and safety, adding to its beauty. At Gardeza, our landscape lighting services will not only repel the insects, but also it will surely leave you awestruck!

Repel the Pests

Did you know, Citronella grass is a natural deterrent to the mosquitoes? It effectively masks the scents, which attract these pests to human beings. Other plants that can eliminate or reduce their presence are lavender, basil, marigolds, rosemary, scented geraniums and catnip.

Put things in Motion

A backyard pond or a biopond is an interesting feature that can be added to your landscape. However, you should always remember that stagnant water and plants attract mosquitoes. So, install a fountain or consider adding fishes like guppies, goldfish or killifish that eat mosquito larvae, only if your lifestyle or climate allows.

Now that you have gained a basic idea of preventing mosquitoes, start taking care of your lawn! However, if you still need help, our trained experts are always there for you! Contact our professional maintenance personnel for a clean and healthy yard!