Urban Landscaping For Cleaner & Greener Cities

Urban neighborhoods are stricken with ugly vacant spaces. These space are usually filled with garbage or overgrown vegetation. Are you sure the vacant spot adjoining your office or home has not turned into an ugly and unkempt area? Don’t panic! A good landscaping company in Kolkata can easily fix this issue. But let us first find out how urban landscaping can solve your gardening woes.

What is Urban Landscaping?

Urban landscaping involves analyzing, evaluating and ultimately beautifying a piece of vacant land. Landscaping companies work on the aesthetic appeal of the vacant space. They also try to increase its functionality. However, this is not a simple task. Urban landscaping companies use the expertise of architects, surveyors, landscape designers, horticulturalists, and conservationists etc to do their job. So if you live in the city of joy and need to beautify the vacant spot outside your home or office, you need to look for a professional landscaping company in Kolkata.

Once you hire a landscaping service provider, the project owners and designers will undertake two basic steps before starting the main work–


Preparation of a Base Plan/Preliminary Design

– The experts will first identify the major problem areas with the outdoor space. This information will help in determining the design procedure. Next, the base plan or preliminary design is made. This plan incorporates all essential elements like typography, placement of objects, borders etc

Design Restrictions – Every state or region has a set of laws for the utilization of outdoor spaces, even in the case of privately-owned properties. These laws cover aspects such as architectural plan, water usage, drainage, erosion control etc. A competent landscaping company in Kolkata should provide their service keeping such laws in mind.

Urban Landscape Planning

Landscaping companies or gardening service providers follow a few steps while providing landscaping service.

Landscaping Company in Kolkata

Needs assessment

– At this stage, essentials like the budget, area use, maintenance, labor cost, the cost for tools and props etc are discussed. Soil issues, drainage, lighting etc are also addressed.

Site Survey

The experts scan the spot and look out for buildings, structures, walls, fences etc around or adjoining it. These things are important as they need to be incorporated into the design.

landscape design

Site Analysis

This is the third where all the information gathered at the earlier stages is analyzed.

Plot Plan

In the fourth stage, a plot is prepared. The plot plan is a to-scale drawing showing the bearing, distance, structures, building lines, drainage flow, elevation etc.

Landscape design

Site Plan

At the fifth stage, an updated plot plan is modified and bettered to prepare the site plan.

Structure & Utility Blueprints

At the final, before execution, structure and utility blueprints are prepared. These documents note utility placements and architectural layouts.

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