With energy efficient Grow Lights, bring the sunshine indoors!

Having green friends in your home or at work space benefits you in many ways. Not only it adds up to your overall wellness, but also it enriches the air of your indoor space with oxygen, filters out toxins and helps you bring the nature in. Want to know something that is even more surprising? Well, your indoor plants have the power to fight with higher levels of airborne contaminants. However, at times, it becomes difficult for you to provide your little green friends with adequate light, due to lack of window space or seasonal changes. Moreover, to keep your indoor plants thriving and healthy, adequate amount of sunlight is required. Most of the homeowners make a common mistake of using overhead fluorescent lights or desk lamps; however, those are not enough. In order to grow your indoor jungle, you need to consider using Grow Lights. Still worried about how to provide your little friends with adequate light? Here, we present some pointers to help you choose the best Grow Lights System for your plants.

Choosing the Right Light for your Indoor Plant

While choosing grow lights, one thing you should always keep in mind, i.e., all grow lights are not the same. You might have to choose from several options and if you are not sure, seek advice from professional experts like us! On the basis of the area you need to cover, always go for bulbs between 15, 30 and 40 watt. However, these sizes are for relatively smaller areas and sufficient for a few potted plants you have on your coffee table or desk. Moreover, you should also ensure that the bulb fits well to your coffee table lamp. Apart from these, some Grow Lights are also designed to provide light to the plants for the entire life cycle. These lights are specifically used to nurture a plant, promote flowers or fruits.

However, if you want more and more blooms out of your potted little friend, go for full-spectrum LED lights. Not only are they good for the environment, but also they doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. LED lights are great for your green friends as they deliver bright spectrum light, which the plants crave. In addition to this, these lights have an evenly distributed spectrum of green, blue and red color that stimulates longer and stronger roots, ensures peak growth and enhances photosynthesis. So, you can enjoy your healthiest and heartiest seedlings, orchids and other houseplants. These high tech LED lights are a great friend for your little plants and can do wonders.

Additionally, LED lights are super-efficient. Lasts longer than fluorescent bulbs, the LEDs use half the electricity. Oh yes, one more important point! They are eco-friendly; your LED light will conduct lesser heat and thus, generate more and more savings. So you see, using a grow light helps your indoor potted plants grow stronger, bigger, leafier and not to forget, faster. The more your plant is happy, the more it will bring happiness to your abode.

Why use grow lights?

You must be dying to know what difference grow lights make. Or, why is it so necessary to use grow lights for your little green friends. Let’s simplify things! Plants survive on the basis of their exposure to light and more specifically, sunlight. It is quite common to all of us that they take energy from light and utilize it in the overall process of photosynthesis for producing their food. Without adequate light, your little friends will not be able to thrive and thus, become weak and feeble. You might be able to grow a plant inside your office or home without a grow light, but those plants may not look healthier due to limited accessibility of sunlight. Thus, you would require Grow Lights for that additional energy, which will help your potted friends grow, thrive and produce beautiful blooms and foliage all throughout the months.

So, to grow a healthy plant, you would require a full spectrum of light, similar to bright sunlight. It is true that both LED and Fluorescent lights provide the plants with sufficient energy, but LEDs are more efficient in several aspects. Start growing your plants indoor with the help of Grow Lights and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Well, if you are still not sure of investing on these lights for your green friends, Gardeza guys are always there for you! We are always there to guide and help you choose the best for your indoor plants. Contact us today!