Learn How to Make Vertical Garden with Easy Steps

A vertical garden can be a fascinating undertaking for each garden lover. It’s an elective sort of planting when you need more flat space, need to conceal an urban wall, or need to analyze a little bit. There are some advantages of making a vertical garden in your home is: giving an additional layer of protection, keeping the house cool in summer, bettering the air quality and decreasing sound pollution. Figure out how to make your own vertical garden by following our guide.


Follow our 8 simple steps to make a Vertical Garden:


1. Choose the best vertical garden design: 

There is numerous minor departure from vertical gardening. You can utilize essentially anything to build it – wood, beds, compartments, divider grower, pockets made of felt or canvas, hanging shoe coordinators, old pantries, and so on.  The entirety of the choices has their focal points and detriments which must be thought about dependent on the flowers you need to plant. If you don’t know much more about the vertical gardens, you can consult with the best landscaping company in Kolkata who will give you the most important hints else you can call us on 91636 64444 for free landscaping consultant.



2. Choose suitable vertical garden plants: 

Before you start to make your open-air vertical garden, you ought to choose the right vertical garden plants. You can grow everything from succulents to herbs to vegetables to perennials and greeneries. Be that as it may since you need them to develop vertically, you should consider their flexibility. For instance, herbaceous plants are the best plants for the vertical garden and are more reasonable than woody ones. Herbaceous is progressively adaptable in the manner they develop downwards in light of the fact that they have delicate, green stems. While trees, bushes or vines have inflexible, wooden stems, which will simply stand out.



Next, you ought to pick vertical garden plants that have a similar developing propensity. For instance, pick just all-sun or all-conceal plants. The pace of development it likewise significant. On the off chance that you put a plant that becomes quicker by one that doesn’t, the more forceful one will assume control over the space and shade out the other one.


3. Choose the place:

Technically, your vertical garden can be put anyplace. However, the one thing you should keep in mind i.e the sun disclosure. The sort of vertical garden plants you need to develop will figure out where to begin vertical gardening. For example, on the off chance that you intend to have succulent plants, such as desert plants, you ought to pick a spot where there is half-exposure instead of full sun or full shade. Besides, you can generally hang your vertical garden plants outside in the mid-year and bring them inside throughout the winter. When you make sense of how your plants can develop better, you can begin your vertical garden properly.

vertical wall garden outdoor

4. Build the structure:

Presently the time has come to assemble the structure where your plants will be developing. Contingent upon the style, it very well may be made of practically anything. Indeed, even old cabinets or hanging shoe coordinators. An exemplary development for vertical planting, be that as it may, comprises three layers – outline, plastic sheeting, and texture.


Firstly, it is encouraged to utilize PVC pipes for the edge. You can use alternatively metal,  which will include extra weight and cost, or wood, which needs a ton of support against dampness decay.

vertical wall garden planter

Secondly, connect the sheet of plastic to the edge. It will fill in as a help for the texture and will keep the water off the vertical garden wall.


At last, attach the fabric to the edge. This fabric will hold water and will be where your plants will live. Anything that can keep water without spoiling, for example, essential felt cover cushioning, is reasonable. Keep away from any clasping or wrinkles when you are finished appending.


5. Execute Some Basic Planting Practices:

Ensure you acclimate yourself with some accepted procedures in gardening. Utilizing fertilized soil is the key to making a vertical garden since they dry out rapidly. Fertilized soil helps keep the water and dampness that the plants need. Gravity is likewise a significant factor when planting. Plants that needn’t bother with a great deal of water ought to be set on the top. The ones that need a great deal of water ought to go on the base of the vertical garden to abstain from drying out quicker.

If you are still thinking about how to make best-fertilized soil for your vertical garden, Green Mall is always there for you to provide you the best potting mix for your vertical garden plants.


6.   Start Planting Horizontally:

Contingent upon the style you’ve picked, you may need to pursue this advice. So as to accomplish a surprising impact with your vertical garden, you should have a go at growing your plants horizontally first. Along these lines, in the event that you are utilizing a wooden bed or an arrangement of boards, place it horizontally and let the roots set up themselves in the dirt for half a month. Something else, planting vertically first will result in weaker roots. The thought is that the roots need to develop still. A few people use wire and paste to hold everything together. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you plant vertically first, you will perceive how the plants do their very own work. At last, you can step by step lift the bed to a vertical situation during those first weeks so as to verify the garden.


7. Add an Irrigation System:

Normally vertical gardens need more care and watering since they depend on less soil. The greater the divider, the more need for a drip irrigation system framework there is. There are numerous alternatives for vertical gardening systems. The drip system can be muddled with hoses and clocks that you can purchase from the store or less difficult with growers or pockets with gaps in the base for water to dribble down. You’ll need a brisk progression of water for 10-15 seconds from 3 to 6 times each day. It relies upon the climate conditions, your arrangement and your plants’ needs. Most presumably, there will be some flood, so you can plant a blossom bed under the vertical garden to use the additional water.

vertical wall irrigation system

8. Keep Some extra plants on your hand: 

Planting a vertical garden is definitely a harder activity to keep up. Without a doubt, a few plants will cease to exist however that doesn’t mean you are bad at gardening. It’s exactly how it happens at times yet you can be arranged in any event, for this situation. You can generally keep a couple of additional plants to connect the gaps left from the dead ones. This technique is particularly simple when you utilize a compartment style structure where there’s more space between the individual plants.

vertical wall garden plants


Now you are able to know how to make a vertical garden in your home by yourself by following our few steps. If you still not sure or not have the proper time to make,  give us a call on 91636 64444. Our efficient landscaping services team is ready for that.


Here I am sharing with you some types of Vertical Garden Design for your better consideration.

  1. Hanging Plants pots

  2. Tray Herb Garden.

  3. Recycled Bottle Garden

  4. Florafelt System.

  5. Succulent Gardens.

  6. A Hanging Shoe Organizer.


There are many more ways to go in order to make your own vertical garden. Using your imagination is key to this type of gardening. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with your vertical gardening ideas and start planning now!