looking for the best landscape company in Kolkata ?

Are you looking for the best landscape company in Kolkata for your house, office or resorts? Maybe you have spent a lot of time on the Internet by searching for the best landscape company in Kolkata or maybe you have asked your friends or relatives to suggest the landscape company in Kolkata but they are unable to give you the best landscaping company name who can fulfill your dream without any delay.
Now here is a bit of good news for you that Gardeza Gardening being the popular name of a landscape company in Kolkata has an efficient & skilled team for you to perform any type of home gardening & landscaping project for your house or office. They are expert to provide best designing solutions as per client’s requirement as well as Gardeza is a very popular name to build an attractive & beautiful hardscaping, softscaping, vertical & rooftop project within Kolkata as well as India. As the best landscape company in Kolkata, they are able to maintain their name & customer satisfaction efficiently. So now if you are looking for the best landscaping service provider in Kolkata, you can find Gardeza is one of them than other landscape companies. Here are some popular clients who are very much satisfied with the service of Gardeza.

Top 8 popular landscaping services provided by Gardeza:


Vertical Wall:   

Vertical wall garden or Green wall garden is one of the best concepts that have ever come across due to lack of space of green. This gives you the feeling of a garden green wall. It creates your wall more attractive and providing a great ambiance with very low maintenance cost. Our landscape designer in Kolkata is there for you to draw a suitable wall garden design for your corporate offices, shopping malls, resorts, bungalows etc. We are based in Kolkata. We provide landscaping services all over India.

how to make vertical gardenhow to make vertical garden



Lawn Making:

A lawn is a place where the grass is developed as a carpet for a landscape and is a fundamental element of any garden. It serves to improve the excellence of the garden. A wonderful well-kept up natural grass or artificial grass can make the whole landscape look great. Lawn garden sets a reasonable foundation for an example tree or foliage just as brilliant beds and borders. For the most part, the garden ought to be all the way open with access to coordinate daylight, particularly before rockery and a water pool. The yard is the regular green carpet covering which fills in as the focal point of the garden for a significant number of the significant exercises like holding parties, social functions, dynamic and latent recreation.etc.
lawn making services in Kolkata
Gardeza Gardening, who is the most popular name for a landscape company in Kolkata, has an efficient team to provide the solution.



Pathway Making:

If you are looking for the best solution for pathway making for your homes, offices, hotels or maybe for your resorts, you are reading the right place. Gardeza is a popular name for pathway making solution. We have different types of the idea of pathway making. With us save your money & time also.
pathway making idea

Architect Design:

The landscape is the design of indoor, outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures to accomplish natural, social-conduct or stylish outcomes. It includes the deliberate examination of existing social, ecological, and soil conditions and procedures in the scene, and the structure of mediation that will deliver the ideal result. Did you unable to find popular landscape architects in Kolkata? Your tension is over now, Gardeza Gardening is very famous for its landscape design in Kolkata. Different types of landscape design can draw for your terrace garden, home garden, landscaping area, or even vertical wall garden. We are happy to serve a suitable customer base landscape design in kolkata.
landscape designer in kolkata



Mini Rainforest / Biopod Creation:

Biopod is an app-controlled microhabitat that automatically regulates temperature light, humidity, ventilation & rainfall. Here is an app of Biopod that you can find in the Play store of both Google & apple.. With the help of this app, you can set the ideal environment for your plants and animals. If you are installed it into your drawing room, office, resorts etc, it will increase your standard of living more. To get more information about Biopod or mini rainforest,

marine aquarium



Gazebo & Pergola Installation:

A pergola or gazebo is an open-air structure — made of wood, metal or other material like concrete — with sections supporting a material lattice that gives shade and fractional assurance to an outside living space. Frequently added as an expansion to prior homes, pergolas make incredible complex options to a deck, yard or patio. As we are a popular landscape company in kolkata, this type of work is at our fingertips. We have provided different types & colors of gazebos & pergolas for our customers so that they can save their valuable time.



Terrace Gardening:

Nowadays, make a beautiful terrace garden or rooftop garden within a short period or at a low budget is a very challenging job for landscape companies in Kolkata. You can believe in our skilled team to provide the solution without any delay. We send our landscape expert to the spot to give the best solution as per the client’s need. Still, if any clients don’t want to meet, we will have the video call facility to see your site and do the needful. I must say that no other landscaping company in Kolkata can provide an instant solution at a reasonable price.
Since 2005, we are providing the best landscaping services in different sectors like schools, colleges, hotels, resorts, factories, shopping malls etc. We are happy to retain our name within the topmost landscape company in Kolkata. Here I am sharing with you some of our valuable clients name i.e ORBIT GROUP, HYATT HOTEL, THE NEW TOWN SCHOOL-KOLKATA, THE SONNET & much more. Click here to see more valuable clients.


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