Landscaping Services that Transform Lifestyles

Get up-close and personal with the grandeur and tranquility of Nature by getting the outdoor green patch in your residential or commercial complex, landscaped. Landscaping not only enhances the beauty of your space but also increases its value. Trust only a professional landscaping company in India to make sure that the service you receive is value for money and aesthetically fulfilling at once.

What is Landscaping?

The word landscaping refers to any kind of modification on a visible feature of a patch of land. The modification may involve living plants, trees, grass etc; elements like lighting or the shape, texture or elevation of the terrain and even water bodies. Commercially speaking, landscaping is not about mere modification, rather beautification of a patch of land, using both living and non-living elements.

Why landscaping is important?

  • Landscaping makes your property visibly more appealing
  • It increases the worth of your property
  • It brings you close to nature and gives you a greener lifestyle
  • A landscaped outdoor space can be used for various activities like exercising, for parties and functions etc
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Softscape landscaping service in Kolkata

Types of Commercial Landscaping –

Landscaping is a skill that involves both technical and artistic aspects. It is a service that can’t always follow the same rules and need to be customized according to the needs of the client. Based on this, commercial landscaping services can be classified as –

  • Residential Landscaping
  • Pharmaceutical Landscaping
  • Resort Landscaping
  • Landscaping for Real Estate
  • Landscaping for Factories
  • Architectural Landscaping


Why Choose Gardeza Gardening?

There are many landscaping companies in India. But for the best services you need to choose one that incorporates both scientific know-how and artistic skill in its services. Let us find out why Gardeza Gardening is the landscaping company you can trust –

  • Gardeza Gardening has been operating as a top landscaping company in India for over a decade
  • We boast a remarkable clientele with names like Emami, Ambuja, Bengal Srishti, ITC, etc
  • Gardeza Gardening is such a landscaping company in India which presents its clients with 2D and 3D images of its proposed plan even before implementation
  • We provide world-class hardscape services like gazebos, trellis, fountains, pathways etc and softscape services like vertical gardens, moss walls, bio-ponds, etc
  • We have a specialized an in-house team of designers, who brainstorm on the latest designs, gardening techniques, and technologies

Rain Forest

Gardeza Gardening is the best landscaping company in East India. In spite of being a completely commercial enterprise, we have actively participated in projects to beautify the environment around us. We have successfully renovated the legendary ‘’panchawati’’ garden at Dakshineswar Temple; we have helped AJCB Indian Botanical Garden to pollinate a rare palm; we have created a mature palm garden in the Kolkata Maidan on 5000 square metres. In short, we are such a landscaping company in India which you can trust with your eyes closed.